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   The Administration of Lipetsk region has determined the necessity of a new strategy for the territory development. We have proposed the development through the creation of investment projects out of real estate unitsandland plots which are not involved in the economic processes, so-called unclaimed .
   After getting a list of unclaimed property the specialists of the management company (hereinafter MC) with the support of the district administration carried out the on-site investigation of these objects. The MC Project Team carried out the designs of the priority objects on different stages ofworking out. The purpose of the work is to turn an unclaimed object into an investment project, to demonstrate and place it on the sitesandin databases available topotential investors.
   This scheme allows planning the attraction of investments into the economic entities in compliance with the projects of territory development, planning documentation and interests of municipalities. It also allows reducing the project implementation period on account of the arrangement up to the stage of obtaining a building permit. It gives an opportunity to improve the discipline of project realization by the investor throughmaking an agreementbetween project participants.
   In a competitive environment in the field of investment promotion among the regions this scheme makes it possible to introduce to the market the investment projects which are better prepared for realization without attracting any budget funds. At the same time the possibility of front end engineering design, project design works helps to shorten the project implementation period to 1 - 1.5 years. In its turn it reduces the project payback periodandmakes it cheaperby using borrowed funds. Overall the investment project, its cost and terms become more transparent for the investor. For the local authorities itmeanswork creationandtax revenue in shorter terms.
   The whole process of project implementation and attracting investment becomes more productive due to mass awareness of the business community about the availability of investment projects. Such scheme in the form of several objects was implemented in Tatarstan and Stavropol, but the budget funds were used there. The date bank of investment projects on our site is constantly filling up. Also we are ready to review your proposals about investment projects realization. Would appreciate seeing you among our partners.


Respectfully yours, the team of JSC MC “Investment Projects Fund”


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