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Events calendar: July 2016

The most colourful events of this summer – music, sports, culinary – are in our list. Plan your leisure together with us!


When: July, 8

Where: 8, Central Street, the village of Tyushevka, the Lipetsk region

What: The VI regional festival of family creativity "For love and faith"

The family clubs and associations, family related collectives which are engaged in different types of creativity will participate in a festival.

The festival includes two nominations: "A family – the master" and "Family art collectives".


When: July, 15

Where: the village of Kropotovo-Lermontovo, the Stanovlyansky district, the Lipetsk region

What: Lermontovsky readings "Lermontov is always with us"

The festival purpose is deeper understanding of works of the great poet. Fans and admirers of the works of the great poet M. Yu. Lermontov can get souvenir products of local masters, try the Russian delicacies, taste fish soup, porridge, kvass, and also the pies made according to ancient Russian recipes of Lermontov’s family.


When: July, 15

Where: the village of Tyoploye, the Dankovsky district, the Lipetsk region

What: Festival and competition of performers in chanson style – "On the Tyoplovsky wave of chanson"

Tourists will be able to hear the Russian chanson, a domestic chanson, an emigrant chanson and others. Here it is also possible to find new acquaintances and friends. People singing chanson differ from other performers in a melodic structure, in approach to words of the songs. In the Russian chanson the Russian spirit, his mentality pours out to the world. It isn’t enough to listen to chanson songs – they should be understood. It strengthens feelings of the person. These are the songs about life sung with all the heart and soul. The holiday is decorated by such characters as Ostap Bender, Sonka – "the gold handle" and Manka – "bond".

When: July, 15-17

Where: “Nizhny park”, the square of Peter the Great, Lipetsk, the Lipetsk region

What: International festival of ethnoculture "Lipetsk ancient settlement. Fair reconstruction"

Even in series of numerous historical festivals of the last years "The Lipetsk ancient settlement" is a unique action. It has united a reconstruction, an exhibition expanse and folklore fun on platforms of three eras at once: Middle Ages, Petrovsky time and the 19th century. Features of life, clothes, food and crafts are scrupulously restored in every era.

At the same time "The Lipetsk ancient settlement" is not conceived as action of professionals of historical reconstruction, but as a holiday for all citizens. Emphasis is put on informative entertainment program for children, acquaintance to regional history in the available dramatized form, numerous master classes of national crafts. The festival takes place from Friday to Sunday, includes the opening ceremony, working of interactive platforms, exhibition ranks, holding numerous master classes, performance of folklore and ethno-collectives, gala concert and fireworks.

When: July, 16

Where: the village of Cossacks, the Eletsky district, the Lipetsk region

What: Interregional festival of choruses and vocal ensembles "Cossack Outpost"

The program of a festival includes 2 nominations: - "Sing, Cossack soul!", in which participants perform the vocal program of two works judging by the jury; - "At the Cossack kuren" - an exhibition of works of arts and crafts creativity and presentation of the Cossack dish. All guests of the festival will find an activity to liking there. During all holiday the following stages work: exhibition and demonstration of the Cossack life; master classes in different types of arts and crafts creativity; weapon exhibition and demonstration; sports meets; glade of children’s games and amusements; patch of couplets (chastushkas) and many other things.

The atmosphere of a holiday, the nature, warmed by caressing sunshine and impregnated with a smell of the blossoming herbs, the songs going to skies, the Cossack color games and entertainments will leave unforgettable impression, especially for those who visit the hospitable Cossack earth for the first time. This creative project became the winner of the National award in event tourism in the city of Kazan.

When: July, 16

Where: the Yablonovsky rural settlement, the Krasninsky district, the Snake mountain, the Lipetsk district

What: festival of the traditional national culture "Krasninsky samovar"

During the festival tourists can try unique dishes of traditional cuisine, drink the real Russian tea, and also get acquainted with ceremonies of the Russian tea drinking.



When: July, 22

Where: the estate of Nechaev-Maltsev, the village of Polibino, the Dankovsky district, the Lipetsk region

What: festival and competition of performers of the romance "Estate Sounds"

At the musical festival tourists will be able to hear ancient (Russian, Gipsy, Cossack), city romance, authoring works, ensemble. The excursion through the estate and its neighborhoods, an exhibition of the masters of arts and crafts creativity will also be organized for the audience and participants.

Anyone can participate in a competition in performance of the romance. The age of participants isn't limited.

When: July, 22-24

Where: the territory of the city strandline, Usman, the Usmansky district, the Lipetsk region

What: Usmansky open youth festival of poetry and author's song "Silver Spring-well"

The best amateur performers and poets of Lipetsk, Voronezh, Moscow and other cities gather for a holiday of creativity. Guests and tourists can listen to songs, live in tents which will be organized on the platform of a festival. On the first day there takes place the ceremonial opening of a festival, a concert of guests and judges, and also "A creative roundabout" at a big fire. On the second day creative workshops will work, you can also see solo concerts of guests and judges, performance of participants of literary studio "Rodniki", a concert of winners of a festival and delivery of awards.

The festival closing ceremony, concert performances and travel of participants will take place on the last day. Besides creative surprises, the colourful opening of a festival, flights of hang-gliders and knightly tournaments are expected.

When: July, 30

Where: the town park, Sovetskaya Street, Chaplygin, the Chaplyginsky district, the Lipetsk region

What: festival “Ranenburgsky feast”

The event tourist festival "Ranenburgsky feast", or "A feast of feasts" will be developed on the central Chaplygin Street on July 30, 2016 again. At the heart of its concept there is a demonstration of hospitality of chaplyginets. Sovetskaya Street will become the center of events from 9:00. Rural settlements will provide rich tables with dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. Process of preparation of a corporate food according to recipes of grandmothers and great-grandmothers will go to shadows of city park on fires. Within a holiday the dramatized procession and tasting of dishes of Russian cuisine are possible and district tender of cooks and an exhibition of house procurements will take place. Also entertainment program will be saturated. During the holiday folklore collectives, accordion players, dancers and chastushechnitsa will act, everyone will visit "Powerful entertainments" from Ranova club. Guests of a holiday from the Lipetsk, Ryazan, Belgorod, Tambov regions will bring products of national crafts. Here it is possible to purchase local souvenirs of manual operation and who will lack money – the direct road on a mint manually to shape souvenir weighty five-copeck coins.

When: July, 30

Where: the Reg square, Gryazi, the Gryazinsky district, the Lipetsk region

What: The festive action devoted to the 88 anniversary of Gryazinsky district "Happiness to you, my earth!"

The concert program with participation of the best on-stage performance groups of the city and area opens festive action. Further, guests of a holiday pass on an exhibition and sale of works of masters of folk and arts and crafts, the presentation of rural settlements on "The wide street". The holiday comes to the end with colourful fireworks.

When: July-August

Where: the riverwalk of the central strandline, Lipetsk, the Lipetsk region

What: International beach volleyball tournament “A cup of the Slavic countries”

The Lipetsk region already hosts the international beach volleyball tournament "A cup of the Slavic countries" on its strandlines for the twelfth time. Every year the tournament becomes popular not only among fans and professionals of beach volleyball, but it also acquires the status of a large sports event.

Athletes and tourists from the central Chernozem region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Bryansk, Krasnodar, Rostov and other cities of Russia come traditionally to us. Representatives of Belarus became constant participants of our tournament.

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